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At Orane International, we understand your passion for carving your niche in the exciting world of beauty and wellness. We offer a meticulously curated selection of nationally and internationally recognised courses encompassing everything. Whether you happen to be someone searching for makeup courses in Hyderabad, cosmetologist courses in Dilsukhnagar, hairstyling courses in Hyderabad, or nail art courses in Hyderabad, Orane International is the right choice for you.

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to reflect the ever-evolving demands of the beauty industry. It is delivered by a team of seasoned and certified faculty who bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. This ensures you grasp the theoretical foundations of beauty and wellness and develop the practical skills needed to excel in your chosen field.

A Nurturing Environment for Growth and Success

Orane’s commitment to its students’ success extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. We boast ultra-modern infrastructure in our Hyderabad and Dilsukhnagar locations, featuring well-equipped labs and practical training areas designed to provide hands-on experience utilizing the latest tools and techniques.

This immersive learning environment allows you to hone your craft under the watchful guidance of our expert instructors.


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Courses to Set You Out on Careers Nationally and Internationally 

Orane’s commitment to quality is evident in their accreditations. National recognitions from NSDC and B&W SSC, alongside international accreditations from CIBTAC (UK) and CIDESCO (Switzerland), ensure our programmes meet the highest standards.

Building Confidence & Pro-Skills

Orane goes beyond technical expertise. Our programmes foster a sense of self-assurance in our students. Students who complete their respective chosen courses emerge proficient in their chosen field and brimming with the confidence to translate their pro-skills into flourishing careers across the globe. Moreover, if you are seeking the best nutrition courses in Hyderabad and Dilhushnaga, you can enrol in the courses of nutrition and dietetics, sports nutrition, clinical dietician, and more at Orane branches in Telangana.

Dedicated Placement Cell 

Additionally, our dedicated placement team goes the extra mile to equip you with the tools you need to navigate the job market. They provide invaluable guidance on resume building, interview skills, and industry trends, all with the aim of helping you secure rewarding positions in the booming Telangana beauty industry. Moreover, students also get the chance to get placed in any of Orane’s academies, along with opportunities at big brands.

Financially Viable Courses 

Our offerings are affordable, from beauty courses in Hyderabad to cosmetology courses in Hyderabad to nutrition courses in Dilsukhnagar. We also offer scholarships and financial aid programmes to help make your beauty education dream a reality. Plus, 0% financing options to make your dream career a reality! Contact us today to learn more! 

Take a Step towards Success 

Whether you’re a resident of Telangana seeking to elevate your skills by enrolling in beautician courses in Hyderabad or embarking on a career change fueled by passion, Orane International empowers you to transform your aspirations into a thriving profession.

So, don’t hesitate! Take the first step towards your dream career and explore the boundless possibilities at Orane International.

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Finding a beauty course is easy at Orane International – with over 100 beauty programs available in cosmetology, aesthetics, hair, makeup, nail art, spa, nutrition, laser therapies, Ayurveda, Mehendi, salon management and more.

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